Based on the principle of cleansing & rejuvenating, Ayurveda helps prevent and cure. The products presented here are the result of years of research & development and provides the user with the highest standard in the industry. AMSARVEDA has for over 50 years studied the wisdom of the ancient sages and applied modern science to establish the WHY, HOW AND WHAT of traditional medicines. Not just being satisfied with "certificates" of which we have ample, we have gone way beyond the lines that mark the limit of "herbal" companies by establishing the concept of BIOTOPE plants. By forsaking the convenience of using plants grown at the nearest farm we ONLY use plants that grow in their original geography that is mentioned in ancient texts since these are the plants that have developed biochemicals based on the environment.

By ensuring that ONLY BIOTOPE plants are used we then subject each ingredient to a series of quality tests to ensure an absence of contamination. Keeping in line with pharmaceutical norms we deliver clean safe products that have been clinically tested and proven to be not just efficacious but also safe.

AMSARVEDA conducts primary and collaborative research with well known educational institutions and has patents applied for. The products presented here are a result of over 30 years of research.