Buy Amsarveda AV VITA Fvia online shopping
Buy Amsarveda AV VITA Fvia online shopping
Buy Amsarveda AV VITA Fvia online shopping
Bio Tope Origin GMP Halal Certified Onecert

AV VITA F - 60 Capsules

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AV VITA F is a potent antioxidant, protects women from infections. It also balances the hormonal system and regulates menstruation. Helps tone the urinary tract and keeps it free from infection. Clinically tested to show that the product improves the immunological responses. 

  • Promotes Hormonal Balance
  • Improves Fertility
  • Reduces Menstrual Cramps
  • Resolves White Discharge (Leukhorrhea)
  • Improves Vaginal Dryness
  • Resolves Endometriosis

1 capsule twice a day 30 minutes after meals ( Breakfast & Dinner).


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Categories: Women's Health

Ashoka bark ( different from ornamental Ashoka), is an important herb in the treatment of various gynecological disorders. Its role in treating excessive Uterine bleeding is well established as is the importance of this herb in dysmenorrhoea . It is very useful in maintaining a healthy reproductive system for women.


This herb is reputed to strengthen the Uterus and protect from miscarriage. It is also anti bacterial and keeps the Urinary tract free of infection. It is also used to treat leuocrrhoea and menorrhagia.


Even though the herb carries a reputation for being able to increase the size of breasts, science is more conservative in the claims which are proven to demonstrate the effectiveness in alleviating the effects of pre- menopause, the extract also helps in the production of healthy ova. It's nutritional value and it's natural (phytoestrogens) estrogens are highly valuable for lactating mothers and women recovering from illness


One of nature's most versatile herbs, its a natural sweetener, anti-ulcer, anti cancer and also one of the most powerful ingredients in modern cosmetology. It's anti-oxidant properties protect the skin, it's anti-inflammatory properties help in healing rashes, treating eczema, dermatitis etc and regulating sebum production in the skin. It is also used in creams for skin lightening.


Gular, or cluster fig, has a reputation to treat menstrual disorders. It is also used to cure kidney inflammation and to detoxify the kidneys.


Comment : A good friend of mine! It really regulates the periods and moods

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