Buy Amsarveda AV URI-Kvia online shopping
Buy Amsarveda AV URI-Kvia online shopping
Buy Amsarveda AV URI-Kvia online shopping
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AV URI-K - 60 Capsules

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AV URI-K is a result of years of research to provide a safe natural remedy of urinary track infections and kidney diseases. AV URI is proven to remove kidney stones, balance the pH of the kidneys, restore kidney function and de-toxify the kidney by working as a chelating agent. 

  • Eliminates calculi
  • Restores electrolyte balance
  • Fights bacterial infections
  • Promotes Kidney tone

1 capsule twice a day 30 minutes after meals ( breakfast & dinner).

For kidney stones: 1 capsule after meals for 15 days.

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Categories: Kidneys

Pashanbheda is the local name for the herb which literally means to break or destroy stones. It's reputation in Ayurveda for dissolving kidney stones is well documented and AMSARVEDA's proprietary extract provides the highest degree of activity. It also helps maintain kidney tone.


Gular or cluster fig has a reputation for curing kidney inflammation, detoxifying the kidney and treating menstrual disorders.


A herb whose name says it all. A breaker of stones is well earned. The herb is used in difficult renal afflictions and in kidney stones. It's stroong anti oxidant activity helps protect from Ferric nitriltriacetate mediated renal oxidative stress & nephrotoxicity.


Over thousands of years herbs have been used to great effect in the sub continent. The specificity of use has been defined and documented by millions of individual cases which resulted in AYURVEDA. Varun bark is one such herb known for curing kidney and urinary Tract disease.It is also useful in benign prostatic hypertrophy.


Punernava is one of the most important herbs in AYURVEDA for treating kidney disease. It reduces edema associated with kidney disease. It detoxifies the kidneys and helps maintain a balanced pH.


Anantmool is used widely for curing skin blemishes as a blood purifier and skin toner. The extract of this herb provides the soap with a highly effective solution to blemishes and balancing the pitta dosha.

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