Buy Amsarveda AV MEMVITAvia online shopping
Buy Amsarveda AV MEMVITAvia online shopping
Buy Amsarveda AV MEMVITAvia online shopping
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AV MEMVITA - 60 Capsules

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AV MEMVITA is clinically tested & specially formulated to protect brain cells from damage & to improve memory. Clinical studies have shown that it helps fight Parkinson's disease. The result of the study suggests that AV MEMVITA improves short term in children. The research also revealed that AV MEMVITA is very effective in preventing hardening of the arteries,making it useful as a preventive measure for those at risk of stroke or cardiac disease. AV MEMVITA acts by inhibiting beta-amyloid clumping which leads to Alzheimer's. Its anti-oxidant activity protects brain cells from damage by various chemical and non chemical pathways. The anti-inflammatory action protects the brain from a build up of fluids. It acts a chelating agent removing metal ions from the brain.The major activity of reducing stress directly effects memory as stress is the major reason for a loss of memory.    

  • Improves Short Term Memory
  • Improves Concentration and Attention Span
  • Reduces Stress and Anxiety

1 capsule at night 30 minutes before bed.

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The role of Shankapushpi in promoting learning is established. Its neuroprotective role has been proven. In studies it has shown results comparable to the drug Piracetam, leading to a natural non toxic ingredient for treating neural disease.


In-vitro research has shown that bacopa protects against DNA damage in human fibroblasts cells that form connective tissue. More recently, lab studies suggest that bacopa also encourages cancer cells to die in connective tissue. Bacopa is viable protection against skin damage, premature wrinkles, & age spots.


Ashwagandha is one of Ayurveda’s most popular herb. It possesses powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that are critical for scalp health. It is a rich source of flavonoids and essential fatty acids. Ashwagandha contains tyrosine, an amino acid that stimulates the production of melanin, inhibiting the loss of color in hair. It combats free radicals, which aids in sun protection and slows down the aging process for skin and hair.


The extract of this well known Rasayan herb is used as a powerful anti-oxidant as well as in promoting the regeneration of the pancreas. It helps control sugar levels.

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