Buy Amsarveda TRI-CLEANSE DETOXvia online shopping
Buy Amsarveda TRI-CLEANSE DETOXvia online shopping
Buy Amsarveda TRI-CLEANSE DETOXvia online shopping
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The human body is a marvelous piece, like a machine that works continuously. Even when we sleep, the body is working to improve itself processing nutrients to fortify the body for the new work & to rebuild the foundation where the body is dependent for growth & survival. But like all machines, the residue released is often toxic. Even mass market/professional body care products that we use for external cleaning are also toxic, leaving many substances that are very harmful being absorbed by our blood stream.Environmental pollutants such as smoke, carbon emissions, carpets, chemicals in household detergents, pesticides in our food, chemical fertilizers, paints etc are all sources of toxicity. Internally, toxins are formed during digestion when food is broken down into nutrients and waste. This waste is usually removed from the body, but there are always residual toxins that are absorbed into the lining of the intestines/colon/rectum. This waste then becomes a source of disease for our bodies. 

It is important to cleanse our internal organs, because if the toxins that accumulate in our bodies are not immediately eliminated, they will create health risks that could potentially lead to serious complications and even death. Three main organs that need to be cleaned are the liver, kidney and large intestine/colon. 

Based on the principles of Ayurveda, Amsar has developed an easy safe and extremely effective detoxification program that does not require the user to subject themselves to nasty oils, purgatives, fasting etc. Three simple steps takes care of all your detoxification needs.


Day 1---------------Day 10 (AV URI-K)

                      Day 8----------------Day 18 (AV LIVACT)

                                            Day 16------------Day 26 (AV COLEX)


Each product is to be taken as follow:

AV URI-K one capsule 30 minutes after breakfast & dinner

AV LIVACT one capsule 30 minutes after breakfast & dinner

AV COLEX one capsule 30 minutes before breakfast & dinner.

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Comment : I feel great, lighter and slimmer!

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