Buy Amsarveda Cell Repair Day Moussevia online shopping
Buy Amsarveda Cell Repair Day Moussevia online shopping
Buy Amsarveda Cell Repair Day Moussevia online shopping
Bio Tope Origin GMP Halal Certified Onecert

Cell Repair Day Mousse - 50 ml

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This 100% natural clinically proven therapy for repairing skin cells. This highly effective cell repair mousse is absorbed immediately without any residue, works all day for you to protect your skin from external factors and pollution.  The cell repair mousse keeps your skin fresh, toned and healthy throughout the day. It is non-oily and perfect for use during the day and in hot climates. Can be used as a base for makeup.

  • slows down the skin ageing process

  • makes your skin fresh, toned and healthy

  • protect your skin from external factors and pollution

  • the non-oily effect throughout the day

  • specially formulated for tropical climates

After cleaning your skin with Amsarveda cleansing products apply Amsarveda Cell Repair Day Mousse to your fingertips then distribute a small amount evenly to the face and neck.  Using your fingertips, gently massage till the skin absorbs the mousse. For best results, use the cream together with Amsarveda Serums.

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Cell Repair Day Mousse

ARSOL is a proprietary extract produced by AMSARVEDA. Based on 3 years of clinical evaluation, ARSOL was found to have anti-aging properties. The rate of cells being replaced increased over 80% leading to minimal attrition of cells. This gap between cells dying & cells being replaced is aging & Amsarveda has developed a unique ingredient to significantly reduce this process.

Cell Repair Day Mousse

Aloe barbadensis known as Aloe vera is one of the more popular herbs in modern cosmetology. Our extract is one of the few produced globally that has radio-protective activity. The moisturizing properties of Aloe is legendary & our extract contains over 50% polysaccharides that have moisturizing & protective properties. Our extract has also been clinically proven

Cell Repair Day Mousse

Triphala is a combination of 3 fruits, mixed in equal parts. A well known formula for improving digestion and assimilation, Triphala helps in cleaning the colon.

Cell Repair Day Mousse

Tea extract provides a highly protective solution for damaged & falling hair. The antioxidant properties, as well as the cellular regeneration activity of the extract, helps promote healthy hair & assist in reducing & eliminating hair loss.

Cell Repair Day Mousse

Moringa cold expelled oil is rich in unsaturated fatty acids and has anti-septic and anti-inflammatory properties. It is used for treating burns, wounds, insect bites.

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