Buy Amsarveda Anti-Acne Skincare setvia online shopping
Buy Amsarveda Anti-Acne Skincare setvia online shopping
Buy Amsarveda Anti-Acne Skincare setvia online shopping
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Anti-Acne Skincare set 425gms

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Our skin has tiny holes called pores, each pore is an opening to a follicle. The follicle is made up of a hair and a sebaceous (oil) gland that releases sebum (oil), which travels up the hair, out of the pore, and onto your skin. The sebum keeps your skin lubricated and soft. An overactive sebaceous gland produces more oil than necessary and this blocks the pores that then accumulate dirt and promotes bacterial growth leading to acne. Whilst several treatments are available, most people find that the acne returns and becomes chronic. Amsarveda's "Anti-Acne" skincare set works at cleaning the pores and allowing a normalization of the sebaceous gland. This pack consists of a detoxifying 100% natural Organic Charcoal face mask that first absorbs and removes deeply embedded dirt followed by our 100% Natural Anti Acne peel off mask that contains a proprietary extract of Turmeric which is anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. This unique combination when used regularly, promotes the normalization of sebaceous glands.

Step 1: It is advised to first wash your face with Amsarveda's Anti-bacterial face cleansing gel. After cleaning your face, apply sufficient quantity of Amsarveda detoxifying charcoal mud mask to a slightly wet skin. Leave on for 20 minutes to dry. Wash off with water. 

Step 2: Dispense sufficient quantity of Anti-Acne Peel off mask to your face and neck ensuring a thin layer is uniformly applied. Leave to dry for 20 minutes. Gently peel off the mask starting from the neck upwards. It is recommended to peel the mask off in one continuous layer so that the mask effectively remove all the dirt and grime embedded in the pores. Wash your face with water.

For best results repeat 2 or 3 times a week.

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