Your skin deserves every bit of care it can get, especially if it’s the natural way. With more awareness of how natural products can benefit our well-being in different ways, we add a new person to ever increasing list of people opting for the natural path. Whether its food, hair or skin care, every product affects us in myriad ways and has us concerned about what seeps into the skin and environment.

Each day brings a new product to the market touted to cure every problem relating to skin and hair. Although they promise us that these products are unique with new ingredients which most of us don’t have any knowledge about, these also harm us in ways we do not realize. The Genome project has now clearly shown how our cells respond to synthetic chemicals or even natural ingredients that are chemically altered to make them more cosmetically appealing. Positive gene expression is the ultimate validation of why nature is safe and healing.

Although the effects of these products are not immediate or even visible, we can agree that these brands do not have an interest in our well-being. They do not necessarily make products which harm us but in the long run, the damage these products do are also numerous and there is no harm in taking precautions, right? Natural BIOTOPE products are made from natural ingredients and extracts and do not harm the skin in any way. Would you rather buy a chemical product that will seep into your skin and cause harm or go the natural way and keep your skin healthy and youthful?

Here are a few reasons why you should be choosing the natural best for your skin:

Healing Power:It is universally known that the products you put on your skin get absorbed and enter your system. Unlike toxins entering your system through chemical products, natural products contain essential oils and herbal extracts that will not harm you in any way as they facilitate healing above or within your system.

Effectiveness:You should check for the product status when you shop for natural products, they are not only effective; they are great for people with sensitive skin as the ingredients won’t irritate or aggravate the skin, nor will they clog your pores. The ingredients are pure and fresh, derived from nutrient-rich sources, giving you faster and better results in a matter of days.

Non-toxic and Anti-Ageing:The natural products contain properties and are rich with vitamin and minerals that fight premature ageing and make your skin smoother and younger looking as most of the skin complaints (for example- Acne, eczema) we have originate from the chemicals we lather on our skin and heightens the sensitivity. In the long run, you will notice the wrinkles and fine lines diminishing to a

Gentle With No Side Effects:The gentle action of these products not only repairs your skin from the outside but also at a cellular level. It soothes the skin and has anti-inflammatory properties. These products are enriched with anti-oxidants which rejuvenate and brighten your skin and enhance your natural radiance

Eco Friendly and Affordable: Chemical products not only harm you, but also harm and pollute the water and air in a toxic manner. Whereas, the BIOTOPE ingredients in natural products do not harm the nature in any way, are quite affordable and helps you do your bit for the environment, as every contribution counts.

Now that you have 5 good reasons to opt for natural products, why not try it and see the difference yourself. Natural products are compatible with all skin types and are designed to heal and enhance your beauty in the safest way. So why not start simple and start fresh with AMSARVEDA products which contain natural extracts and essential oils designed to heal, replenish, and enhance your beauty and health.